Wildfang's Females

Cora vom Haus Wildfang - CGC

 OFA Good

 Cora was our pick of the litter from the Eva/Nash 2011 breeding. Cora is a large, heavy-boned girl with beautiful black and red coloring. She has a calm, loving spirit and is very even tempered. She can also show a very protective side! She is a great-grand daughter of the Universal Sieger Triumph's Gucci.


    Greta vom Haus Wildfang

    OFA Good, DM Clear


 Greta is our 2013 pick from the Nik/Farrah litter. She is an excellent producer and mother. She passes her great temperament on to her pups. 


Brina vom Haus Wildfang

 Brina is the beautiful granddaughter of our Geneva vom Windlaufer. Her hips will not pass OFA standards due to the fact that she had been run into at a young age by our large male. One hip and elbow is perfect while the other side shows some slight arthritis. Our vet said he would not  hesitate to breed her and all the conformation judges compliment her beautiful gait.

Borgia-1.5 yr-placeholder.jpg

Borgia von Schaldenbrand

BH, IGP1, Kkl

HD/ED  A/0

DNA Certified

Borgia is a European import out of Budapest. 

 She has a super temperament, very nice old German build with the beautiful mahogany red/black long coat.

Kind and patient. We are looking forward to her first litter with us this year.

10 VA dogs in her 1st 4 generations!

Grandsire- VA Leo von der Zenteiche

Grandsire- VA Yoker vom Pendler

Our Retired Girls

Wildfang's Geneva vom Windlaufer

CH, CGC, ATTS                 Retired 2017


 Eva has matured into a wonderful example of the GSD. She exhibits calm, balanced behavior in any and all situations. She is happy to work and is loyal and devoted. She passes on both beauty and brains to her progeny. Eva is a grand daughter of Universal Sieger Triump's Gucci.

Geyer's Farrah vom haus Wildfang

OFA Good    Retired 2019

 Farrah is a high-drive girl with a wonderful work ethic. She will impart strong working attitude in her offspring. She is quietly attentive yet ready to move at a moment's notice. We enjoy seeing her offspring in action.

 Danielle von Tief




Dani is a large, heavy-boned female with a plush black and red coat. She is a willing student, has a nice, even temperament and exhibits solid nerves. She can be quite laid back but springs into action when the time is right! Her protection skills are awesome and she loves the IPO field!

Maralee v WhirlingThunder

OFA: Good  Retired 2020

Maralee is a wonderful black and red pattern sable with excellent drive and proven temperament. Great with children as well as adults and protective of her family.  Maralee is G-granddaughter of Universal Sieger Triumph's Gucci and carries many of his fine qualities. She is smart as a whip , we are glad to have her as part of our family.

Sire: V Lupo de Lupis Fidis

         SchH3, IPO3, FH1 & FH2 Tracking

Dam: Vodka v WhirlingThunder