Training Your Vom haus Wildfang Puppy / Dog


Owner - Instructor, Jan Jesky:

Phone: 816-806-2408



Jan has been training dogs professionally since 1995 with the goal of fostering peaceful pack living
between humans and their dogs.
She accomplishes this through continual education, experience, and keeping updated on new techniques. 

Jan is an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Jan also serves on the Board of Directors for Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club as well as being a member.
She is a member of the American Dog Owners Association, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the
International Association of Canine Professionals and REGAP (Retired Greyhounds As Pets).

Beginner Class:


For dogs and puppies over 2 1/2 months. This course introduces the basic obedience commands: sit, down, stay, come, wait, watch, leave-it, & heel with automatic sit. We discuss behavioral issues regarding biting, mouthing, barking, digging, jumping up, and housebreaking.


Intermediate Class:


For dogs that have completed the beginner level class and wish to refine and solidify commands. Distractions are introduced during exercises to teach dogs to focus and rely on the owner. You will learn advanced exercises and teach your
dog to respond to hand signals from a distance. We focus on reliable stays and recalls (come command), and we will start working on an off-lead heel command.




A 4-6 foot leash is required for Beginner classes; NO retractable leashes! A 4-6 foot leash, and a long-line or retractable leash is necessary for the Intermediate class.



Bring small pieces of any semi-moist dog treat. Hard, crunchy treats take too long to eat and the dog will have forgotten what he was rewarded for by the time he finishes. Pupperoni or Beggin’ Strips work well. 





No special collar is required, but it must be well-fitted and not slip over the dog’s head.
Collars will be discussed in class to ensure each dog has a collar that gets results and that the owner
is comfortable using it.

Cost = $85: