For the Health of Your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is normally a fit, healthy dog with an average lifespan these days of 12-15yrs, but as with most pedigree breeds, there are certain hereditary conditions that can be a problem as well as other health issues that are more prevalent in this breed which need to be considered if you are thinking of getting a GSD.



Your German Shepherd will need a good diet from weaning age and there is an enormous variety of foodstuffs suitable for this large breed.


There is growing interest in feeding a more natural diet rather than dried foods so this is something to think about especially when considering the possible long term effects of diet. In general, to keep your dog fit and well you need to give him a healthy diet, lots of regular exercise and have lots of time for him.


German Shepherds are very sociable dogs, they bond strongly with their family and love to be with them - so have lots of time for him. Brush his coat regularly to keep it nice and shiny and to remove any dead or matted hairs.


Don't give him sweets or other foods that will rot his teeth and make sure his teeth stay clean and free from plaque and tartar. You don't have to brush them, cleaning can be achieved by including in the diet a whole RAW rabbit or chicken - bones fur etc. included. Don't cook otherwise the bones will splinter. Crunchy dried foods also may help clean the teeth.


German Shepherds, for all of their strengths, longevity, and robust build, have sensitive digestive systems. That is why you want to feed only high quality foods, raw, dehydrated or frozen raw. Along with that we highly recommend (we really want you to use these two) and use with all of our dogs, the following supplements;



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